The Importance of Giving Back to the Community…

As human beings, we have the innate need to contribute to those around us. Whether it comes in the form of something small like being there for a friend in need or something massive like contributing financially to a worthwhile cause, we realize the importance of giving.

The William and Mary Foundation gives to organizations such as: Daystar University, Fox Valley Christian Action, Orange Hands, By The Hand, Haymarket Center, World Fistula Foundation, and Metropolitan Family Services.



Mr. Davis has nearly 30 plus years of experience in the construction industry. His professional career started with the General Electric Company. He left General Electric in 1986 to start Electrical Resource Management, the first Will Group Company. The Will Group celebrated its 30th year in business in 2016. The Will Group was named by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the Top 100 Black businesses in the country numerous times.

Under his leadership, The Will Group has successfully completed several large construction projects. The Will Group along with its partner McClier, completed the construction of the Kennedy King College campus at 63rd. and Halsted in Chicago. The Will Group was also selected by the Chicago Housing Authority to manage construction of the Altgeld Gardens public housing’s “Plan for Transformation”.

Mr. Davis serves as manager for 7+ Properties, a family owned realestate trust. At Wheaton Bank and Trust his duties as bank director included, serving on the loan committee; reviewing residential and commercial loan portfolios, developers, home builders and C&I loans. As Commissioner of Aviation for the DuPage County Airport Authority, the board oversees management of airport operations, Prairie Landing Golf Course operations and development of the authorities over 500 acre DuPage County Business Park. Mr. Davis is a graduate of the University of Tennessee.



Mrs. Davis is the wife of Stephen Davis and the mother of 7 children The oldest is 33 and the youngest is 20.  Her greatest blessing has been to be home for her family.  She was raised in Asheville, NC. Tanya and Stephen has resided in Wheaton, Illinois for 30 plus  years.  She has her BA from DePaul University (Biblical Counseling Focus area) and a master certification in Biblical Counseling. She has written two books- “May I Please Speak with My Father?” and “I Don’t Want to Shame my Daddy’s Name”.

Her family started a foundation-The William & Mary Davis foundation.  The mission of the foundation is to help loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to help the oppressed go free. To give bread to the hungry, and when we see the naked, to cover him. When we do this, light will break forth as the morning, and our health will spring forth speedily: and our righteousness will go before us and the glory of the Lord will be revealed (Based on Isaiah 58:6-8). The foundation gives to organizations that line up with this mission statement.  They have given to organizations such as Daystar, Fox Valley Christian Action, Young Life, Orange Hands, and Women at Risk International.

Tanya served on the board of FVCA for 6 years and also served as Board Chair. She serves on the advisory board of Metropolitan Services, Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya and on the Development Chair of Haymarket.  She also does a mentoring retreat in the summer for teens called Purpose by Design at their farm in Knoxville, TN.  She believes God created everyone with a purpose and it brings her joy to help others find their God created purpose.