Tuskegee NEXT - Where Are They Now?

Private Pilot Andre Sanders graduated from the Tuskegee NEXT program in 2016. He is wrapping up his Junior year at Southern Illinois University (SIU) majoring in Aviation Management with a minor in Aviation Flight. Private Pilot Andre Sanders, has flown over 100 hours and is working towards his Instrument Rating and Commercial Certificate. Sanders is working to accomplish these goals by the summer of 2018. Sanders is also highly active in the Air Force Reserve. He was just awarded the Victor Davis Scholarship from Southern Illinois University. He recently had the honor of meeting Tuskegee Airmen Lt. Col. Robert J. Friend (Ret) at the Scott Air Force Base 100 Year Anniversary event. Tuskegee NEXT is extremely proud of Private Pilot Andre Sanders and can't wait to see what the future holds for him. 

Purpose By Design Summer Retreat 2014

Purpose By Design Summer Retreat 2014

We recently concluded our annual Purpose By Design retreat and from the feedback, it was a huge success!

Purpose by Design provides a retreat for young ladies where they can focus on understanding their purpose and gaining skills for a successful life. Some of the workshops focus on:

-Art Worship
-Women sharing about careers
-College information
-Bank Literacy
-Resume writing
-Proper use of language
-Swim lessons
-Makeovers (inside & out)
-Motivational topics